Access the knowledge that Jeff has accumulated over 8 years in the investment markets by joining up to Jeff’s Mentoring Program. Jeff will personally work with you over a 6 month period to improve your financial position.

Jeff will review your tax and structuring arrangements ensuring you have the appropriate structures in place for your investing. You can gain access to managed investments at discounted rates and Jeff will show you how to Supercharge Your Investments. If you would like to expand your knowledge of share investing including fundamental and technical analysis or would like to learn how to trade CFDs effectively then Jeff will share his knowledge. If property is more your area of interest, Jeff can identify some of the hot spots in the Australian market and assist you to find the appropriate investment and funding for your circumstances.

Jeff has already assisted existing clients:

  • to buy property in one of Australia’s fastest growing areas
  • lend money at rates that provide strong returns
  • improve their results when trading CFDs
  • improve their investment returns
  • access supercharged investments

This is a strictly limited offer only available to the first ten people to sign up. For a one off investment of $6995 you can gain access to Jeff by phone or email daily. In addition to this Jeff will provide three individualised one day training sessions at your preferred location.* Learn what you want to learn. For the cost of a weekend course you can get access to Jeff’s expertise for six months. For more information, contact Jeff today on 1300 88 42 10 or click here to send him an email.

* Training in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are included in this offer. Contact Jeff for pricing if you prefer training in other areas.