CFD Book

Supercharge Your Trading with CFDs

Contracts for difference (CFDs) are a revolution in trading. They allow you to trade a wide variety of instruments anywhere i the world with the flexibility to enter and exit a trade as desired at maret prices. They also offer an opportunity to supercharge your trading with the potential to deliver greater returns than shares.

Supercharge Your Retuns with CFDs is an introductory guide to CFDs designed to hel the new trader safely navigate the market and profit from this unique instrument. Author and active CFD trader Jeff Cartridge equips beginners with the necessary knowledge to enter – and survive – the CFD market and avoid the common mistakes many traders make.

Inside you’ll find:

  • trading derivites – the different types of products and their benefits
  • strategies for trading CFDs – including day trading, pairs trading, long and short trading and index stripping
  • risk management and position sizing – how to control risk and what to do when your trade goes wrong
  • psychology – how to cope with large losses and wins
  • CDF providers – direct market access versus market makers