This website is dedicated to all those traders and investors who wish to achieve above average returns or as Jeff likes to call them supercharged returns.

Trading gold CFDs Jeff made over $4000 in two weeks a return in excess of 100%*. Find out more.

Trading sector CFDs Jeff made over $2000 in three months for a return of 76%*. Find out more.

Trading the NZDJPY currency CFD Jeff made over $8000 in two months a return in excess of 400*%. Find out more.

Through a managed investment Jeff turned an investment of $10,818 into a capital gain of $83,020 in nine months a return of 767%*. Find out more.

From a property investment Jeff returned $112,000 in a month a return of ?????. Find out more.

These returns may appear to be exceptional and could be even unbelievable, but remember “If it sounds too good to be true, find out the truth”. Supercharged Returns do exist!

This website has been created and is maintained by Jeff Cartridge author of the book Supercharge Your Trading with CFDs, published by John Wiley and Son. Find out more.

Jeff Cartridge is a licensed investment advisor and an authorised representative of Pavilion Capital, AFS Licence # 291466. Jeff was not satisfied with the ordinary returns available to most investors and has spent many years studying the investment markets in search of supercharged returns.

Supercharged returns come in many forms and can occur in any asset class. Supercharged returns often involve creative approaches to an investment that allows a trader or investor to achieve far more than they traditionally could. This could be utilising the leverage available with CFDs, Options or Warrants through to more complex strategies that combine a range of different instruments. Jeff actively seeks out these opportunities allowing him to profit from the investment markets in many different ways and aims to keep investors and traders updated through this website.

* Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.